BAD BREATH (Halitosis)

This ailment is more dangerous yet more people neglect the same knowingly or unknowingly. This ailment refers to certain foul. Symptoms 1. Gives bad smell from the month. 2. Pain in the teeth, certain times. Causes 1. The diseased gums are the common cause of this ailment. 2. Because of the foul-smelling from the teeth. 3. Because of the small holes i n the teeth from where four smell comes out. 4. Because of the discharge at the back of the throat. 5. Because of the infections of the nose, … Continue reading

FATIGUE (Too much of tiresome )’

This is the common ailment to each and everyone in aH the seasons, because of avoiding sufficient sleep and also rests. This Causes only temporarily Symptoms 1. The patient feels tiredness and weariness. 2. Forgets to sleep or to take rest Causes 1. Can be remedied by taking full rest adequately 2 Because of finishing heavy work in burden, giving stress and strain to the organs the body.  3 Lower vitality and lack of energy due to the bad habit of feeding. 4 Excessive use of white flour products, sugar products, … Continue reading

EPILEPSY (Falling frequent sickness)

This ailment refers to the falling unconsciousness. This ailment occurs in all the ages of a person. Especially in the childhood and in early adult age. Symptoms , 1. Momentary and the sudden loss of consciousness. 2. Violent contractions of the arms and legs. Develops convulsions, with foaming in the month 4. The patient bites the tongue in the unconscious condition. 5. Suffers from the deviation of the eyes 6 Miserable suffering by the twitching of the muscles. Causes 1 Because of serious shocks to the injuries in the brain … Continue reading

ANOREXIA (Appetite- Loss)

This ailment refers to the loss of appetite. This ailment occurs in the disturbance of digestion. Due to this defect, stomach-activity fails and secretion of gastric juices commence. Symptoms 1. Suffering from insomnia. 2. Food taking decreases. Causes 1. Because of taking the faulty diets. 2. Because of taking the diets irregularly. 3. Because of the decreases of the hard work. 4. Due to the stress and strain by domestic worries. 5. Because of nervous disorders 6 Owing to the emotional conditions. 7. Because of certain other diseases. Remedies 1. … Continue reading

ALLERGIES (Altered riskabie reactions)

The Greek word ‘’Allergy” gives the meaning as “Altered” or abnormal reaction of the tissue because of the exposure to an antigen That is why, this is also called as “Allergen” This ailment can be affected to any part of the body. Symptoms 1 Are manifested in various forms in various organs 2 Headache occurs 3. Sometimes nervousness and giddiness. 4. Shortness of breath and Vomiting. 5. Irritability and dizziness. 6. Suffer from stuffy or runny nose. Causes 1. By pollens dust and cosmetics 2. By serum and vaccines 3. … Continue reading

TONSILLITIS (Tonsils – Inflammation)

This ailment refers to the inflammation of Tonsils. This ailment also occurs because of “cold” on each side of the throat. The tonsils enlarges in shape and gives heavy pain and allergy. Symptoms 1. Sore  throat in the beginning. 2. Light fever also arises 3. Some times even headache occurs. 4. Feels difficult to swallow 5. Pains in some organs of the body. 6. General weakness in the body. 7. Tonsils colour into red. 8. Tansillary lymph glands become enlarged. 9. Some times the patient feels pain in the ears … Continue reading

SORE THROAT (Throat – Inflammation)

This ailment refers to the inflammation of the back of the throat. Commonly this ailment occurs in the cold season and, some times while suffering from “Flu” Symptoms 1 In the beginning there will be irritation in the throat 2 Pain in the throat, continues the irritation 3. The patient feels a light fever 4 The lymph glands, on the side of the neck become swollen 5 The throat-back turns into red 6. Feels difficult while swallowing Causes 1. Because of “Cold” commonly 2 Sometimes because of to “Flu” 3 Rarely … Continue reading

PILES (Hemorrhoids)

Piles are also called as “Haemorrhoids” This is the very common ailment now a days Though no much bleeding severe pain just outside the rectum. Sometimes even inside. This occurs because of the inflammation of the veins Symptoms 1. Slight bleeding with pain, while passing stools. 2. Irritation after passing stools 3. Pain in the rectal region 4 Patient becomes unable to sit comfortably, due to the pain and a sort of itching. Causes 1 Because of the disorders in the bowels 2 Because of the miserable condition affecting the … Continue reading

Nephrites (Inflammations of kidneys)

This is the dangerous ailment occurring in the childhood and adolescence If the treatment is not taken earlier, it may result even to death Symptoms 1 Pain in the kidneys 2. Light fever arising 3 Light pain in the backside 4 Disposal of highly coloured urine 5 Passinglarge a mounts of albumin in the unne 6 Even because of the blood pressure Causes 1. Because of the Streptococcus infection of the throat 2  By an attack of scarlet or rheumatic fever 3 Because of wrong feeding habits 4 Weakness in … Continue reading

LOW BLOOD SUGAR Hypoglysiemin

This ailment is also called as “Hypoglycaemia This ailment occurs due to the disorderofblood sugar metabolism Symptoms 1. Nervousness. 2. Fatigue and tiresome, 3. Feels depression, 4. Sometimes suffers from head ache 5. Absent mindedness, 6 Sweating and trembling 7 Sexual disturbances 8 Even dizziness 9 Feels too hungry and eats &. frequently to quench the hunger Causes 1 Because of taking the sugary foods excessively in the daily diet 2. Because by the intake of refined combo hydrates excessively 3 Disorders in the liver because of the disturbance in its … Continue reading

Kidney stones (Py clolith lasis)

Sometimes stones form in the kidneys and trouble in the urinal work These stones are formed because of the phosphorus, calcium in the food and also bv uric acid They form and grow sometimes to the size of the bird’s egg. because of the concentration of a definite substance in the urine Symptoms 1 Severe pain when passing down the urine, discharged from the bladder 2 Frequent desire to urinate Pain in the groin and thighs 4 Burning pain when uniting 5 The patient, some times, passes blood with unne. … Continue reading

STRESS (Mental Tension)

This ailment refers not only to the body. but also to the mind, when affected, we observe the disorders in heart head etc Because of such sort of stress, we have to suffer from apart disease, headache, diabetes and other ailments Symptoms 1 We observe in the beginning, a large number of physical charges 2 The brain and the nervous system becomes in active. 3 Digestion work becomes dead slow 4 Muscles become tensile 5 Blood pressure increases. 6 Faster breathing 7. Sweating starts 8 A feeling of frustration. 9 … Continue reading

Rheumatism (Pain in Joints Muscles, Tissues)

Rheumatism means a sort of swelling This disease is very risky, chronic ailment, commonly in joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments This word “Rheumatism “is deaved from the Greek word “Rheuma” giving the same above said meaning. Symptoms 1. A little fever in the beginning 2. The patient suffers from soreness 3. Feels unbearable pain in the joints and muscles as the case may be 4. The affected muscles become stiff 5. Sometimes more pain and stiffness in the joints with swelling Causes 1 The main cause of this disease is … Continue reading

Pneumonia (Inflammation of the l ungs)

This is a very serious infectious disease, inflaming the lungs, when both the lungs are affected it is called Double Pneumonia The treatment to the patient should be very careful in this condition Symptoms Commences with the symptom of cold in the head, sometimes in the throat 2  The patient gradually shivers with fever 3. Feels risk some to breathe 4. Suffers from the pain in the chest 5. Sometimes even suffers from the cough 6 The temperature becomes abnormal Causes 1. Causes by the germs like Staphylococcus, pneuma coccus … Continue reading

SCURVY Deficiency disease b\ V itamin C

This disease is common among t he children This disease occurs to the sailors mostly on the long voyage in the sea who are subsisted on fish, salt meats and bread stuffs mostly Now a days sailors are relieved by this diseases because of using lemon and limes to a certain extent Symptoms 1 The patients feels exhausted and weak 2. Bleeding of the gum commences because by the deficiency of vitamin C Causes 1 Because of the deficiency of Vitamin C of ascorbic acid 2 Because of using the … Continue reading

NEURITIS (Inflammation of the Nerves)

This ailment refers to the inflammation of the nerves in our body. Nerves in the various parts of the body, involving together is called Neuritis. This is known as ‘Tolypeutes”. Symptoms 1. Burning and tingling sensation 2. Pain in the affected nerves as if stabbing 3. Sometimes paralysis may also occur 4 The patient may lose the sensation 5 Numbness may also happen to the patient 6 Certain times difficulty while closing the eyes because to the loss of the normal tone Causes 1 Production of toxin in the blood … Continue reading

EAR DISCHARGE Pus coming out from the ear

Commonly this ailment is caused by the infection in the middle ear During this time, pus will be coming out from the ear This ailment is also known as “ottorrhoea” in the medical science Causes 1 Causes because of the infection due to boils eczema. 2. This type of cause may also lead to a discharge of pus in the external ear Remedies 1 Two to three drops of mangos oil may be put into the affected ear 2 Onion-juice may be dropped into the affected ear, after warming the … Continue reading

EAR ACHE Ailment in the ear

This is a very common ailment in the ear at all the times. It is because of certain disorders in the ears. Occurs from infection mostly in the outer ear canal or the middle. Symptoms and Causes 1. Outer ear canal gets infected mostly in summer. That too while swimming. 2. This ailment in the ear, may occur in the form of itches. 3. The patient feels foul-smelling. 4 Middle ear infection mostly occurs in the ears of the very young children. 5 During this time, fever accompanies. 6 There … Continue reading

DIABETES (Diabetes Mellitus)

This arises because of the excretion of excess glucose in the urine, resulting the lack of insulin This disease is common among aged and sick people Symptoms 1. Feels more hungry and more thirsty 2. Feels tried and look pale 3. Intensedtching around genital organs 4. Feels drowsy and sometimes giddy. Causes 1 Because of overeating and irregularity in taking foods. 2 Over eating of the sugar products and also refined foods containing carbohydrates more. 3. Because of unnecessary grief, wariness Remedies 1. Bitter gourds mostly, should be utilised in … Continue reading


When the blood pressure falls below the normal, then it is considered to be Low Blood pressure. This is also called is “Hypotension” Symptoms 1. The body becomes weak. 2. The patient falls fatigue and tired. 3. Some times even the dizziness rises. 4. Urinal works frequently. Causes 1. It is because of the negligence in using the food i.e., faulty nutrition. 2. Less supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. 3. Deficiency in proteins, calories and Vitamin C. 4. Because of loss of more blood. 5. Because of … Continue reading