Strawberries   Energetics: Sweet, sour, astringent (cold or hot/sweet or pungent VP- K (+in excess)   Action: Refrigerant, relieve thirst, alterative, leaf mild astringent, antacid as tea   Indications: Similar to raspberries; protects against viruses, cancer, DNA damage, herpes simplex, and skin disorders; high in vitamin C, fi– ber, potassium, antioxidant. Ten berries daily may help anemia and pulmonary TB. Useful for obe- sity, gout, arthritis, diabetes, constipation, hyper– tension, and kidney stones.   Contraindications: Their skin may aggravate Pitta. Eating too many can cause coughing and vomit- ing. They … Continue reading

Pomegranate (Dáæima)

  Pomegranate (Dáæima)   Energetics: Sweet, astringent, sour/hot, cold / sweet, pungent PK- V+ (sweet); (P+ sour)   Action: Astringent, alterative, hemostatic, rind antiparasitical Indications: The sour, astringent, sweet variety is the best. Builds red blood cells (juice), cleanses bile, blood, bilious indigestion, gall stones, hypera- cidity, fever, intermittent or malarial fever; diar– rhea, dysentery, excessive perspiration, gargle for sore throats; leukorrhea, tapeworm. They are good for the heart, mind, anemia, and as a digestive aid. Pomegranate binds the bowels, cardiac tonic, hoarseness.

Pineapple (Ananas-H)

(Ananas-H)   Energetics: Sweet or sour/cold or hot/ sweet or pungent V– KP+ (sour or unripe) sweet in moderation   Action: Diuretic, refrigerant, laxative, digestive stimulant, anti-scurvy, diaphoretic   Indications: Cleanses the liver, biliousness, acidity, jaundice, counters the effects of alcohol. Juice relieves constipation and gastric irritability in fe- vers. To reduce cigarette smoking and nicotine toxicity, chew small pieces of the fruit with half a tea- spoon of raw honey. It digests albuminous (pro- tein) substances. Contains high amounts of easily assimilated manganese (which may prevent os- teoporosis).   … Continue reading


Bananas          Energetics: Sweet, astringent/hot/sour V– K+ P+ in excess or ulcers. (Unripe: astringent PK-, V+)   Action: Astringent, refrigerant, laxative, nutritive, tonic, heavy, strengthening, aphrodisiac   Indications: Unripe—diarrhea, dysentery, cough, lung bleeding, infants and young children, nerves, alcoholism, Váyu hypertension, heart disorders, protects against strokes, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, high in potassium, vitamin C, and carbohydrates. When taken with ghee and cardamom, bananas alleviate hypoglycemia, constipation, and muscle cramps; also build muscle and fat; and nerve and reproductive tissues.   Precautions: Not used for Pitta with ulcers, hard to digest, … Continue reading


Melons         Energetics: Sweet/cold/sweet P– K+ V+ (in excess) Action: Refrigerant, febrifuge, diuretic, aphrodisiac   Indications: Watermelon (Chayapula)—summer heat, sunstroke, fevers, thirst, vexation, irritability, burning urine (taken with a pinch of corian- der), or burning sensations; blood purifier, cleans tissues; bleeding gums, canker sores in the mouth; high in vitamin A and C, (with seeds V=); antiseptic for typhoid fever. With cumin and cane sugar the juice helps urinary conditions, intestinal catarrh, and congested liver; Cantaloupe milder, is better for Váyu. For acne and rashes, and to promote soft … Continue reading


Apricots   Energetics: Sweet, sour/hot/sweet VK- P+ mildly and in excess   Action: Relieves thirst, anti-cough   Indications: Fever, constipation, cancer, skin, muscle, and nerve disorders, fiber.


Cranberries Energetics: Astringent, sour/hot/pungent. KVK+   Action: Diuretic, alterative, hemostatic Indications: Excellent for kidney, urethra, and blad- der disorders, asthma, intestinal antiseptic, high in vitamin C. Pitta conditions, burning urine, urinary tract stones and infections, skin rashes, toxic blood, edema, weight reduction (avoid store-bought juices with sugar).


Cherries   Energetics: Sweet, sour, astringent/hot/ sweet V– K+ in excess P+ sour ones VK- P+   Action: Alterative (blood cleansing)   Indications: Mental fatigue, insomnia, stress, heart tonic, blood and plasma building, gout, lumbago, motion sickness, poor vision, rheumatism, paraly- sis, arthritis, stunted growth, obesity, (Black cherries (Bipem kanta) better for plasma, tooth decay or loose teeth, diarrhea, glands, detoxifies, gall bladder and liver disorders), juice is stronger. For PMS and menstrual flow, eat 10 cherries on an empty stomach for seven days before menstrua- tion begins.  


Grapefruit   Energetics: Sour/hot/sour V– P+ K liquefy/ dis- charge or +   Action: Stimulant, expectorant, astringent Indications: Discharges phlegm when taken in the morning, digests sugars and fats, weight reduction, stimulates liver and pancreas, cardiovascular healing, protects the arteries, cancer preventive, cholesterol, high in vitamin C and potassium. Seeds heal candida and are an antibiotic.

Peaches (Aru – H)

Peaches (Aru – H)                                    Energetics: Sweet, astringent, or sour/hot/sweet or pungent V– PK+ (V+ sometimes. One peach daily K-) Action: Demulcent, laxative, refrigerant Indications: Fever, cough, seeds—anti-cough/laxa- tive, menstruation, colon worms, heal damaged tis- sues; leaves—allay nausea, vomiting; high in vi- tamin A, potassium, fiber; cancer, heart disease, Nectarines are safer for Pitta. Contraindications: Skin aggravates in excess or acute Pitta conditions (i.e., rash)

Mango (Ámra)

Mango (Ámra)   Energetics: Yellow-ripe Mangos: Sweet/hot/sweet VP- K+. Green-unripe mangos: sour, astringent/ cold/pungent VK- P+ (except when prepared as chutney)   Action: Demulcent, diuretic, astringent, refriger– ant, skin-astringent   Indications: Nervous or weak digestion, constipation, vitality, strength, semen, skin, atonic indigestion. Bark infusions, or skin diarrhea, dysentery, hemorrhoids, high in vitamin C. It is good for pregnancy and improves lactation. Drinking warm milk with ghee one hour after eating a ripe mango im- proves energy and vitality. Unripe or sour aids di- gestion. Pulp diabetes, blood pressure. Pickled for … Continue reading

Grapes (Drakäha)

Grapes (Drakäha, M^idvíká)          Energetics: Green: sour/hot/pungent V– PK+ Purple, red or black: Sweet/cold/sweet V– PK+ Action: Refrigerant, thirst relieving, nutritive, de- mulcent, diuretic, and hemostatic, laxative, aph- rodisiac   Indications: They are said to be the best of the fruits; and provide immediate relief from thirst, burning, fever, difficult or painful breathing, bleed- ing, consumption, wasting, Váyu and Pitta feces retention, hoarseness, alcoholism, dry mouth, and cough. They help the eyes, blood (rich in iron), and elimination of urine and feces; lungs, TB. They help anemia, heart disease, … Continue reading


Plums                                                   Energetics: Sweet, sour, astringent/hot/sweet VP–K+ P+ sour European—sweet, Japan sweet/sour Chinese black plum (Umeboshi)—sour (antiparasitical, anti-cough, digestion)   Action: Refrigerant, relieves thirst, alterative, laxative   Indications: Fever, dry cough.


/Blackberries/Blueberries   Energetics: Sweet, sour, astringent (unripe)/cold/pungent PK- V+   Action: Refrigerant, relieves thirst, astringent; un- ripe—astringent, leaf—astringent, hemostatic, Blueberries—alterative refrigerant, astringent (un- related botanical family)   Indications: Unripe—excess urination, nocturnal emission, improves sexual vitality, liver tonic, diarrhea, Blackberries (Jambul or Rajaphala)—build blood, are good for dysentery and diarrhea; goiter, cholera, hemorrhoids, and insect bites/stings. The bark is used externally on inflammations. The seed powder is useful in dia- betes, reducing sugar in the urine and excessive thirst. Raspberry leaf—miscarriage, morning sick- ness (nausea). For bleeding gums or excess men- … Continue reading

Mandarin Orange

Tangerine/Mandarin Orange   Energetics: Sweet, sour/cold/sweet (more sour than oranges) VP- K+ P+ excess   Action: Refrigerant, relieve thirst, expectorant, stimulant   Indications: Peels warm, aids appetite, settles stomach, vomiting, cough, discharge phlegm  especially mandarin peel   Contraindications: Aggravates acute Pitta condi- tions

Guava (Perala)

Guava (Perala; Amruta-phalam; Anjíra)   Energetics: Sweet/cold or hot   Indications: Excessive digestion and metabolism, anorexia, gout. As a jelly it is a heart tonic and anticonstipative. Soaked in water—relieves thirst due to diabetes. Unripe diarrhea. Precaution: When the fruit is raw, the rind and the pulp should be eaten together to prevent constipa- tion. Guava is heavy and hard to digest.

Lemon (Limpaka)

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Lemon (Limpaka) Energetics : Sour, astringent/hot/sour V– P+ excess K- fat K+ plasma Action : Laxative, refrigerant, relieves thirst, expec- torant, astringent, digestive stimulant (juice) sto- machic, peel-digestive stimulant Indications : Summer heat, sunstroke ( especially with salt), fevers, hot-dry skin ; thirst, stops bleeding of lungs, kidney, uterus, and GI tract ; inflam- mation, colds, flu, sore throat, bronchitis, asthma, digestive disorders, diabetes, scurvy, fevers, rheu- matism, arthritis, gout, neuralgia ; juice—heartburn, sore throat gargle, swollen or bleeding gums ; cleanses the blood stream ; with honey—rids phlegm … Continue reading

Pears (Arúk)

Pears (Arúk)   Energetics: Sweet or astringent/cold/ sweet or pungent PK– V+_(unless baked) K+ (sweet)   Action: Nutritive, demulcent, laxative, tonic, feb- rifuge, anti-cough   Indications: Lung tonic, diabetes, diarrhea, con- valescence from lung disease (with cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon); fevers, poor appetite, biliousness, hyperacidity, chronic gall bladder dis- orders, excessive thirst, gout, stomach disorders, laxative (eaten on an empty stomach), enlarged liver, gonorrhea, hemorrhoids.   Precautions: Do not eat with arthritis, diabetes, dry cough or sciatica.

Oranges (Swadu-naringa)

Oranges (Swadu-naringa)   Energetics: Sweet or sour/hot/sweet or pungent V– K+ P+ excess or sour variety. Sweet is the best variety Action: Stimulant, expectorant, appetizer, refrig- erant, relieves thirst; peel—stimulant, carminative Indications: Counters cough, diabetes, bronchitis, liver, heart disorders, vomiting, harmonizes stomach; high in vitamin C and A. A glass of fresh orange juice with a pinch of rock salt restores energy after exercising (Pitta doßhas add 10 lemon drops). A blood purifier, with meals for bile and scurvy; For babies—equal parts with water every 3 hours with mother’s milk … Continue reading

Papaya (Papita – H)

Papaya (Papita – H) Energetics: Sweet, sour/hot/sweet V– PK+ P+ in excess Action: Digestive aid, toning, demulcent, stimu- lant, laxative Indications: Convalescence, digestive disorders, pancreas, regulates sugar metabolism,   cough, worms, asthma, back pain, colon disorders, liver and spleen disorders; chronic illness, seeds emmenagogue, for abortion; unripe juice— antiparasitical, blood thinner, prevents heart attack. Externally—the inner skin of the fruit is rubbed on one’s skin for eczema and dermatitis.