Ten Traditional Herb Mixtures

Ten Traditional Herb Mixtures 1. Triphalá– VPK=, for all tridoßhic diseases, con- stipation, diarrhea, eyes, cleansing or detoxing the colon, good for Kapha con- ditions, gas, distention, diabetes, parasites. 2. T^ikatu– VK- P+, for colds, flu, fevers, stimu- lates appetite, cough, congestion, for low agni and áma, thyroid, detoxification.

85 Important Ayurvedic Herbs

85 Important Áyurvedic Herbs   1. Akarkará 2. Ádrak (Fresh Ginger) & £huòþhí (Dry Ginger) 3. Ámalakí 4. Amlavetasa (Rhubarb) 5. Apámárga 6. Arjuna


      Herbs represent the most effective Áyurvedic approach to healing illness. Their action is strongest when they are fresh, but they may also be used as decoctions, infusions, teas, powders, and pills. Pills have the least power, but retain their potency the longest. Below are some of the most commonly used Áyurvedic herbs available in America today.