Kapikachhú, Átmaguptá, Cowitch or Cowhage Plant

  Sanskrit: Kapikachhú, Átmaguptá kipakcCU, •atmagauptaa   Hindi: Kavach E n g l i s h : Cowitch or    Cowhage Plant Latin: Mucuna pruriens  Bak. M.prutita   (Carpopogon p  r u i e n s ; D o l i c h o s  pruiens) Part Used:Seeds, root, legumes Habitat: Annual climbing shrub common in the tropics of India; legumes are eaten as vegetable Energetics: Sweet-cold- sweet VP- K+ Tissues: Reproductive Systems: Nervous, reproductive Action: Anthelmintic, aphrodisiac, astringent, nervine, tonic, rejuvenative, (root is nervine/tonic) Uses: Seeds—Main herb for Parkinson’s. One … Continue reading